Help me!!

I’ve been searching like crazy the past couple of months with no progress so I’m hoping someone can help. Around three years ago I was at an anime convention and at their library, I read the beginning of a manga about a guy who’s a pirate and a girl who isn’t. It’s a romance manga but I can’t say so much about it. I’m not sure what it was rated either, maybe it was T but could also be M. If anyone has an idea or any recommendations that seems like this I would really appreciate hearing from you.

Tsuredure Children

There’s only one word to describe this anime. And that word is CUTE!! For the people who don’t know of this anime it’s about a couple of different kids, all from the same high school, who got their first crush and the plot revolves around how their relationships evolve. It is one of the fluffiest animes I’ve ever seen and it just fills me with warmth and happiness. To be honest there aren’t that much plot going on and it keeps changing between couples which can be both good and bad. But overall I enjoyed watching it.

Pop Team Epic (Poputepipikku)

I don’t really know what to think of this show. I have seen the first 6 episodes and there’ll be 12 episodes according to MyAnimeList. If there’s any plot to this, then I must say that I still don’t get it. But then again there’s only that much they can do with a 4-panel manga. I do like when there are references to other animes and games in an anime and I did get some of them. Some of them being Pokemon, My Neighbor Totoro and Undertale. I can’t say for sure if I’m gonna watch all 12 but so far they’re entertaining enough with their plain weirdness and I would like to know how they’re gonna end it.

If anyone else has seen this series I would love to hear what you think of this anime.