Anime/Manga rant #2

Time really just flies… Without realizing it myself, it’s been over half a month since I last posted anything. Maybe I should make a notifier on my watch about keeping the blog updated? it’s not like I’ve lost interest in writing posts. I’ve always loved writing since I was young and it has always been my go-to emotional outlet. God knows how many old letters I have in my small hidden box. I’ve filled it with everything that’s got some kind of memory to it and I’ve done that through many years, but now I really got no idea what’s inside since I can only put stuff in but not open it.

Anyways… on to the thing I actually wanted to ”talk” about. Continue reading “Anime/Manga rant #2”

Just my luck -.-

Hi loves. I haven’t been able to update this blog since a lot happened all at once. At first, I was busy with the jobs I had and then I got the news of Kim Jonghyun’s suicide. (a member of SHINee) I must say I was quite devastated by the information even though it’s been years since I last heard any of their songs (or more correctly any kpop songs). Continue reading “Just my luck -.-“

Game of Thrones

Wow.. To be honest I’ve never really thought I would fall this much into the fandom. Normally I don’t shed a tear at movies or series unless it’s something where I really can relate or if it’s an animal that dies, but the red wedding really got to me, my goodness I haven’t cried like that to a tv series in so long. That was some really heavy stuff right there. I know I’m far behind from where the series is at now, but I’ll quickly be at the newest episodes before I know it.