Your Name (anime)

Kimi no Na wa, also known as Your Name, is an almost two-hour long movie and from what I’ve heard it seems pretty popular, though I’ve first watched it finished now. I started watching it at a lecture a year or so ago and only saw some minutes in so I  didn’t really get into it at that time, so I never got to watch it afterward until today. And man I must say that I am happy I actually fell over it on the internet again and chose to watch it. It was really good.  Continue reading “Your Name (anime)”

Game of Thrones

Wow.. To be honest I’ve never really thought I would fall this much into the fandom. Normally I don’t shed a tear at movies or series unless it’s something where I really can relate or if it’s an animal that dies, but the red wedding really got to me, my goodness I haven’t cried like that to a tv series in so long. That was some really heavy stuff right there. I know I’m far behind from where the series is at now, but I’ll quickly be at the newest episodes before I know it.