Anime/Manga rant #2

Time really just flies… Without realizing it myself, it’s been over half a month since I last posted anything. Maybe I should make a notifier on my watch about keeping the blog updated? it’s not like I’ve lost interest in writing posts. I’ve always loved writing since I was young and it has always been my go-to emotional outlet. God knows how many old letters I have in my small hidden box. I’ve filled it with everything that’s got some kind of memory to it and I’ve done that through many years, but now I really got no idea what’s inside since I can only put stuff in but not open it.

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Life Update #1

So I obviously haven’t been on my blog for quite some time now and my excuse for that is that I just didn’t have the time or energy to write any posts. I still have some anime reviews that I want to complete and make an ending to. But I’ll work on that as time goes. For the moment I’m pretty free to work on whatever I want since I quit my job so that I can drive my mom to the hospital when her last medical treatment phase begins. Since it’s located at the hospital further away than the one she’s going to now and also it’ll be every day that we’ll have to go there.

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Just my luck -.-

Hi loves. I haven’t been able to update this blog since a lot happened all at once. At first, I was busy with the jobs I had and then I got the news of Kim Jonghyun’s suicide. (a member of SHINee) I must say I was quite devastated by the information even though it’s been years since I last heard any of their songs (or more correctly any kpop songs). Continue reading “Just my luck -.-“

Tradono Market and Possible new work opportunities

Hey, my weirdos… If I have any. Well, yesterday I went to the Tradono Market which is a small fashion flea market in the heart of Copenhagen. It is also an app.  I bought so many goods in there to upgrade my closet and I finally found a jacket that looks like the one I’ve been borrowing the past year from my bff… Continue reading “Tradono Market and Possible new work opportunities”