New Experiences!

Now I was actually working on another of my upcoming posts and normally when I write, I listen to the soundtrack and songs from the actual series I’m working on, but since it’s actually a long time ago that I watched the one I’m currently writing about, I’m just having those ”don’t sing/dance challenge” with anime openings playing in the background and one song, in particular, made me remember the most amazing thing I’ve experienced at a cosplay show.  Continue reading “New Experiences!”

Devils’ Line (Anime+Manga)

The series I’m currently really occupied by is the one called Devils’ line. I started both reading and watching it on the same day, though I first read around halfway through the chapters that were currently out and then started on the anime. I’ve read the manga a bit farther than where the anime ends so there will obviously be some spoilers under the cut.  Continue reading “Devils’ Line (Anime+Manga)”

Anime/Manga rant #2

Time really just flies… Without realizing it myself, it’s been over half a month since I last posted anything. Maybe I should make a notifier on my watch about keeping the blog updated? it’s not like I’ve lost interest in writing posts. I’ve always loved writing since I was young and it has always been my go-to emotional outlet. God knows how many old letters I have in my small hidden box. I’ve filled it with everything that’s got some kind of memory to it and I’ve done that through many years, but now I really got no idea what’s inside since I can only put stuff in but not open it.

Anyways… on to the thing I actually wanted to ”talk” about. Continue reading “Anime/Manga rant #2”

Your Name (anime)

Kimi no Na wa, also known as Your Name, is an almost two-hour long movie and from what I’ve heard it seems pretty popular, though I’ve first watched it finished now. I started watching it at a lecture a year or so ago and only saw some minutes in so I  didn’t really get into it at that time, so I never got to watch it afterward until today. And man I must say that I am happy I actually fell over it on the internet again and chose to watch it. It was really good.  Continue reading “Your Name (anime)”

Junji Ito Collection (anime): Final Post

This is just as the title says the last post about the anime, Junji Ito Collection. That means this will cover the last episodes I haven’t mentioned in any of the other posts. So it’ll be about the episodes from 10 to 12. Just saying but I watched episode 12 yesterday and the rest I watched in April I think, so it isn’t exactly like the other posts where I write the exact moment after watching the episodes but anyway without further ado let’s begin. Continue reading “Junji Ito Collection (anime): Final Post”