Well as I said earlier in my introduction post, I’m Kathy aka. Queen Weirdo, from 1997.

I live in Denmark, still at my parents’ house. I’m a half-blood as I like to call it, meaning I’m half Danish and half Filipino. I have a little brother, a chubby dog and a black marshmallow (kitten). Right now I’m pretty much just living life, though I’m searching for a fulltime job so that I can save money for the trip to Japan and South Korea that I and my BFF are planning.

Big parts of my life go to games, or maybe I should rather say Overwatch. At least that’s the game I’m most interested in at the moment. That’s how it’s been for almost a year now. Other than that I started playing World of Warcraft yesterday, so I’m pretty new and I still have no idea what I’m doing. I also play the Sims sometimes. Started playing that when I was around 12.

Besides gaming, I also watch anime and read manga as you can see on my Tumblr. You’re welcome to check it out and follow, though it’s been some time since I last posted something in there. But you never know I may start post stuff again. I’m also on Instagram if you’re interested in that. I’m also cosplaying sometimes, though I’m not the greatest cosplayer and have the smallest cosplay closet ever seen, but hey at least I’m doing what I like and that’s how it should be.

Now if there’s anything more about me you’re interested in you’re always welcome to contact me. I’m kind and won’t bite.. without your consent.. jk, but seriously I wanna talk to people, though i’m the worst at keeping conversations going, but still!! write to me.