New Experiences!

Now I was actually working on another of my upcoming posts and normally when I write, I listen to the soundtrack and songs from the actual series I’m working on, but since it’s actually a long time ago that I watched the one I’m currently writing about, I’m just having those ”don’t sing/dance challenge” with anime openings playing in the background and one song, in particular, made me remember the most amazing thing I’ve experienced at a cosplay show. 

Now it was actually in the spring of this year. I was at the Danish convention J-Popcon and there was this one girl who had made a sketch for Vampire Knight. Right in the first second of the song when we heard “Akaku” the crowd practically went wild, the whole room was filled with screams and shouting. I’ve never in my 7 years of going to cosplay shows experienced this much hype before a sketch.

For the other things I’ve experienced, they happened on the online game called Overwatch. Now this one was like over a year ago when I had only played for some months. There was this guy in competitive who was on voice chat… so far so good, I mean, I normally want people to be on for calls and so on. But this guy, and I kid you not, was basically masturbating while playing and you could hear everything. Like I don’t care what you do when playing, but please make it so other people can’t hear you. I really sat through the whole game and was anxious about the fact that maybe my brother or even worse my parents could hear it. This was when I didn’t have a good enough computer for Overwatch in my room, So I had to use my dad’s pc, which is in the living room.

Another thing that happened not that long ago. I’ve read and seen a lot of things about girls being harassed and getting comments and so on when playing Overwatch. This is actually the reason why I’ve never used my microphone before. But I’ve started using it more now because there’s never really been anything directed towards me in the two years I’ve been playing. Until one day, It was a really minor thing like a really stupid comment. Like he just told me to shut up and go back to the kitchen or something. When I said that Widowmaker is kinda a problem for me when using Mercy’s ultimate because she can easily kill me when I show myself. I’ve already long ago gone past the point where I care about anything I hear in Overwatch. Like dude, it’s a game, there’s no reason to be rude. I’m just glad that the guys I normally play with told him off. I actually can’t remember if I thanked them. Well I know one of you are following me here so if you’re reading this… Thank yooouuu!!! 😀 shshh.

Now I’m not completely innocent myself. BUT I never say anything that could hurt someone else. More precisely I have the concept that if I can’t say anything nice, I’m just gonna keep quiet. But there are other ways to piss off people. One of these moments where I was a bitch on purpose was in one competitive match there was this person who suddenly in voice chat screamed that I needed to get the fuck off Mercy. That’s basically what he/she said and they hadn’t asked me to change hero before so what do I do? Well I leave the game. (Actually it was my pc that crashed) and I get back in the game, play Lucio for a second or something where we still had the first point in Hanamura. Then I leave on purpose for some seconds and come back to them having lost the first point and are battling on the second. Me of course still being pissed just chose to sit right beside the point as Lucio watching the fight going on on point. And I’ve never felt this satisfied to lose a game.

The second time I was a bitch was on my friend’s account, I got on a team with 5 already together as a team and they also asked me to change Mercy in a harsh way… so I ignore them and keep playing as normal while they begin writing constantly in chat that I should change and that the Mercy they have are better and so on. But the person said to be a good Mercy never said anything. All of these incidents of me being a bitch could’ve been avoided by just being kind or not harsh by just asking to change character without adding fuck or something something.

Well, that’s all for now. Hope you guys won’t unfollow just because I’m not the kindest person in Overwatch.

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