Devils’ Line (Anime+Manga)

The series I’m currently really occupied by is the one called Devils’ line. I started both reading and watching it on the same day, though I first read around halfway through the chapters that were currently out and then started on the anime. I’ve read the manga a bit farther than where the anime ends so there will obviously be some spoilers under the cut. 

Now on to the actual review. Devils’ Line is written by Ryo Hanada. The manga was published in March 2013 and are currently on-going with the newest chapter being at 61 (on Crunchyroll). The anime aired this year from April to June and ended with 12 episodes. All of them with the duration around 24 minutes.

The plot takes place in a modern Japan. Where most humans live their everyday life without knowing about the existence of devils. (they are called a lot of different things, so I wasn’t really sure what to call them, but I’ve settled for devils) But suddenly one day due to a tragedy the whole human civilization gets to know about the devils who’ve been living mixed with them for many years.

We follow a group of different characters in the series but the main protagonists are Taira Tsukasa and Yuuki Anzai. Their relation to each other starts out with Yuuki ”saving” Taira from a devil, who supposedly would kill her. They later fall for each other and starts a relationship, but with Taira being a human and Yuuki being a half-devil, not everything will go smoothly and Yuuki will have to learn how to control himself and his urges. Also, the fact that Yuuki works for the police puts both him and the people around him in dangerous situations.

Speaking of people around him, the series isn’t only focused on Taira and Yuuki’s story as a couple and we get another interesting character who calls himself for Hans Lee but are named Johannes Kleeman. He comes from ONLO which is the same ”orphanage” as Yuuki and he is also a half-devil. Though they’ve never met each other prior to their meeting in the current story’s time.

Other than that there’s also the girl named Nanako Tenjou who has the codename 07 (Zero-Seven). She’s a human and was traumatized by watching a devil kill and rape her mother at a very young age. Grows up to join the organization Chosen Civil Community (CCC) who are against the existence of devils and want them exterminated. There are a lot more interesting characters but these are the ones I think are most worth mentioning for a starter.

Difference between anime and manga
There aren’t that many differences between them. The anime follows the plot of the manga, pretty great, but there are some things cut off or changed due to screentime. The anime isn’t following the manga completely chronologically, which at first confused me because suddenly it showed something in the anime which first was seen a few chapters later, than what I had read. Also, the whole thing where Yuuki chases after the humans attacking a devil only to find out the person part of the attack being someone he met before, that’s a scene I still haven’t seen in the manga. Though I have seen the said person in the manga. His identity just still isn’t revealed. He’s only been shown with the mask on, but he still hasn’t met Yuuki, the scene where we get reintroduced to him in the manga was a meeting with Johannes.

Other than that I find there to be more focus on the couple in the anime than in the manga. It isn’t that much more focus, but it’s mostly because of the scenes that weren’t shown in the anime. The manga really pulls you in when it comes to its many different characters and I find that you get also more interested in them as you slowly get to know more of them throughout the story. At the moment, where I last read, the characters are basically spread out, so we’re following more than one story told from many distinct characters. Though they are all on different paths, I believe that they will lead towards the same destination, so to say.

Similarity and differences to Tokyo Ghoul 
Now Tokyo Ghoul was also a series that I really enjoyed watching. I liked it so much that I actually read the whole manga afterward. And I know season 3 is out. I just haven’t had time to watch it yet and also I want to get a bit more into the manga before I watch the anime. Though I have already written a bit on a future post from watching the first chapters.

Now on to the reason for mentioning Tokyo Ghoul. First of all the biggest thing, they have in common are the fact that the plot revolves around the non-human creatures in the series. Tokyo Ghoul revolving around ghouls and Devils’ line on devils. Another thing is that there are in both series characters who are half-human/half-devil or -ghoul. Also the main pairs. In this one being half-devil/human and the other one Ken Kaneki who’s half-ghoul and Touka Kirishima who’s a ghoul. In both we see a character having one eye being affected by the non-human part of them, those characters being Ken and Johannes. The male protagonists both have to accept themself. The difference in this is that Yuuki was born into the misfortune of being a devil whereas for Ken he was brought into the misfortune by the operation he got in the beginning.

Now in Devils’ Line we are introduced to CCC, which is the organisation who wants to exterminate devils. In Tokyo Ghoul the organisation against ghouls are called CCG which stands for Commision of Counter Ghoul. The differences between them are that CCC are founded by civilians and the devils are part of the police force, but the CCG are the police who are against the ghouls that are part of the civilians. Another thing is that in Devils’ line the existence of devils aren’t that wellknown in the beginning whereas in Tokyo Ghoul ghouls are already known to the public.

As for the creatures in the series there are some clear differences such as devils can survive on ordinary food and doesn’t need blood. But ghouls can’t eat normal food and are required to eat human flesh to survive. Also as far as i’ve read in the manga and watched from the anime none of the devils kill or hurt humans intentionally. It only happens when they go berserk by being near blood. Some ghouls however kills for fun, tortures human or other ghouls and some even makes entertainment out of it. Also ghouls won’t go berserk by seeing a human, but it’s their hunger which can lead to them getting out of control.

Now I can keep on going on the differences and similarities but I think it will be best to stop here. So to end this I just have to say that Devils’ Line is really worth giving a try, especially if you liked Tokyo Ghoul. I of course would say that you should read the manga instead of the anime, since it gives you a better picture on how the characters are and the different relations between the characters. Also another minor thing that actually made me confused was the animes ending. Not that it ends differently from the manga, it’s just some of the things that wasn’t said, that I know if I hadn’t read the manga first, I wouldn’t have understood it correctly. But of course maybe it was the subtitles that was wrongly translated or something I can’t tell for sure.

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