Anime/Manga rant #2

Time really just flies… Without realizing it myself, it’s been over half a month since I last posted anything. Maybe I should make a notifier on my watch about keeping the blog updated? it’s not like I’ve lost interest in writing posts. I’ve always loved writing since I was young and it has always been my go-to emotional outlet. God knows how many old letters I have in my small hidden box. I’ve filled it with everything that’s got some kind of memory to it and I’ve done that through many years, but now I really got no idea what’s inside since I can only put stuff in but not open it.

Anyways… on to the thing I actually wanted to ”talk” about. The damn series called Devils’ Line. I’m not gonna tell so much about it since I’m planning on writing a review on it. But at the moment I’m reading the manga and watching the anime at the same time. Yesterday I started reading a big part into the manga before starting on the anime and I must say I’ve fallen head over heels for this series at the moment. I really, really! like it. There are of course some minor things in the anime, but you’ll have to wait for the review to know more about it.

Well, I’m not gonna go much further into it, but now you guys know that I’m still here and are still planning on posting more in the future. Hope you’re all well and see ya later.

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