School Babysitters (anime) : Final Post

I really don’t have anything new to say about this anime it’s still as adorable as I remember even after the break I had since I wanted to watch the remaining episode in one go instead of waiting for each episode to come out.

I watched it finished some days ago and when I started watching it, it didn’t feel like I had any break in the middle of the series. The most emotional episodes are absolutely the first and the last episode.
All the characters in the anime are just so precious! the main characters, the children, the children’s mothers… and also the fathers!skc3a6rmbillede-11.png
The precious mothers/teachers looking out for their student and teaching her the life of being a girl. Also further down we see the precious over-protective father of Kirin, not being able to tell that it’s just our boys with wigs.

Also presenting the sea monster that scared the life out of our small Koutarou. That made him spill his juice!Skærmbillede (12)
Oh, another bonus we got which I will end this post with is the small scene we got where we get to see how Kirin probably will grow up to be a beautiful bride. skc3a6rmbillede-18-e1528471973792.png
As the last words for this I still totally recommend it. Especially if you’re just looking for a heartwarming and adorable anime.

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