Pop Team Epic (anime): Final Post

Finally, it came to reviewing this one… This will be a short post since I really don’t have that much to say about it. I’ve just watched the remaining episodes since the last post, episode 10 to 12. 

Anyway, let’s begin. First off I took a long break of not watching this anime since I’m just not interested in it. I was even planning on just dropping this anime, but to be honest I hate doing that since I’ve dropped some anime’s years ago where I rewatched the whole thing later and came to love them, so dropping animes are a big no-no for me. But this one I must say is not something for me. Sure it was entertaining enough in the beginning but it just became too much of the same thing and I’m not that into animes where there aren’t that much of a plot development. I can see some points of a plot going on but it just isn’t really what’s happening per say in the anime. I liked the first couple of episodes and was kinda interested. But then again not really. I was a lot more interested in the previews at the ending of each episode than the actual anime itself. I just really want Hoshiiro Girldrop to be an anime!!!Skærmbillede (9)
I did enjoy this scene though. I mean look at that cute small thing. It’s just so adorable! but to end this. Would I recommend it to anyone? no, not really. Unless I really know it’s something the person would like, but not to someone I don’t know that well.

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