Junji Ito Collection (anime): Final Post

This is just as the title says the last post about the anime, Junji Ito Collection. That means this will cover the last episodes I haven’t mentioned in any of the other posts. So it’ll be about the episodes from 10 to 12. Just saying but I watched episode 12 yesterday and the rest I watched in April I think, so it isn’t exactly like the other posts where I write the exact moment after watching the episodes but anyway without further ado let’s begin.

Greased / Bridge
I already knew the story of Greased before watching the episode since I’ve read it online. And I must say it’s not that creepy… just really nasty. Like urgh… I can’t. That’s just a big NO.
I’m not sure if I’ve read the other part of the episode before because it feels like it wasn’t the first time I’ve seen it, but I’m not completely sure. It had its fair share of creepiness especially in the beginning where the heroine get’s chased by the man. That is not something I would enjoy experiencing, but that’s normal for everyone I think. Comment below if you think otherwise.

Supernatural Transfer Student / Scarecrow
the first story wasn’t really that compelling to me. sure it had a creepy vibe to it and the scene with the hand coming up from the water kinda gave me chills but nah it could’ve been a lot scarier. Scarecrow though I’ve read before and just the concept creeps me out and should not be something people mess with as some of the characters obviously figured out. the question in my mind though is the pair who lost their son. or that’s what they seem to be, but I would actually like to know more about those three. what kinda relation did they have, how come the boy died, how long did the woman know the truth and so on.

Smashed / Rumors
Not that creepy. It’s more mysterious than creepy. Also, it didn’t make me feel sorry for the characters especially since they pretty much dug their own grave when they chose to break into the guy’s house.
I don’t have that much to say about rumors just that Karma’s a bitch XD

Now that this series is done I can move on to the next ones but first the finishing words. The anime I wouldn’t say it was a disappointment but if this is the first time you’ve heard of Junji Ito then I wouldn’t recommend this to you. Instead, you should check out his work and to get started he has a lot of small chilling stories. One story, in particular, surprised me that it wasn’t in this anime are The Enigma of Amigara Fault so definitely check that one out. That was the first of Junji Ito’s works I read. There’s also the one called Dissolving Classroom which I’ve already written a review on. Well, that’s all for this time if everything goes as planned then the next post will also be to finish off one of the on-going posts.

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