Life Update #1

So I obviously haven’t been on my blog for quite some time now and my excuse for that is that I just didn’t have the time or energy to write any posts. I still have some anime reviews that I want to complete and make an ending to. But I’ll work on that as time goes. For the moment I’m pretty free to work on whatever I want since I quit my job so that I can drive my mom to the hospital when her last medical treatment phase begins. Since it’s located at the hospital further away than the one she’s going to now and also it’ll be every day that we’ll have to go there.

Now other than having to drive my mom to the hospital, I’ve also signed up for a nursing school that I’ll start in September if I get in.  So until then I’m gonna work on losing weight. Since I’ve taken on the weight I lost in my last year of school. And that has pretty much destroyed the confidence I had. So I want to lose it the right way this time. When I lost the 10 Kg (around 22 pounds) it was a result of a minor depression from losing my Grandfather and a crush I had. The 10 Kg went away pretty fast and I just didn’t gain any weight afterward. That, of course, changed when I didn’t have school or any job for a while. I have finally gotten a small push in the right direction and have small goals set in store for me. Another thing is that my dog could also lose some weight to become just a bit healthier (He is pretty big, I know). So that is pretty much what is going on at the moment. Below you can see a before/after picture I made last year when I still was going to school. As you can see my shorts couldn’t even stay up the same way they did when I bought them.33154431_10212037298392180_3278188751368486912_n

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