Anime/Manga Rant #1

Welcome my weirdos. To the first ever ranting post on my blog. Though I am kinda ranting in some of the other more personal posts. But this is for anime and manga only so prepare yourself for a short ride, since this one is probably one of my shortest rants I’ve ever written. But oh well. Enjoy 😀

Oh. My. Goodness… I’m rewatching Haikyuu again for I don’t know how many times. I’ve stopped counting after the fifth rewatch and I just can’t get enough I’ve loved the series since the first season aired and all the Characters are just so adorably precious in their own way. The worst thing about it though is that I, of course, want Karasuno to succeed. BUT I don’t want any of the other teams to lose either. I just simply love them all. I remember there was a time when I didn’t like Oikawa, but that is changed and that was just a small part of the dark past. Now it’s just all smiles and sunshine! except for the fact that I don’t know what’s happening in Haikyuu at the moment since I haven’t continued reading the manga after some of the first years were gone to train and I think I read through that, but then something stopped me from reading more and now I’m kinda lost of where I am.
This is actually so typical. It’s the same situation for the other on-going mangas I’m reading. I’ve read Attack on Titan and followed that manga for so many years and always looked forward to each month because that meant a new chapter would be out. But I think it kinda changed two years ago and I haven’t read the manga since. I think instead of reading one chapter every month I’ll instead wait for the books especially since I hate waiting for something that long. Also, I have the first 17 mangas so it shouldn’t be that bad to reread the whole thing and just get the books. I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing with Haikyuu. I actually planned on starting with the manga that way but when I started reading Haikyuu there weren’t any translated manga books available so I just read on the internet. Fun fact: I’ve hit my goal a long time ago of having 100+ mangas, but I’m gonna sell the ones I haven’t read in a long while or just aren’t that interested in rereading. I’ve already signed some of my things up for the auction at the next con I’m going to. I was so close to signing up my Haikyuu figures, but now I’m just relieved that I didn’t do it. Also, I finally found my panda kigurumi. I thought I sold it at an auction long time ago since I couldn’t find it when I needed it at my last con. But surprise surprise. I found it at the back of my closet and my closet is so small it’s a miracle something like that could disappear.

Welp my first Anime/Manga rant. There’ll more likely be a lot more like these in the future. So look forward to my going-nowhere-ranting. Another thing before ending. Like my cosplay from last year? XD I was actually supposed to work on it so it would be better this time, but I don’t think I’m gonna go as again ^^” Also does anyone know how to remove the caption?

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