Dissolving Classroom (manga)

This manga is written by Junji Ito and is filled with short stories. It is also known as Youkai Kyoushitsu. The translated manga, which is the one I have, was published in 2017, but the original version is from 2015. Even though it is small different scenarios we are told it still gives us an overall plotline as it progresses and like many of Ito’s works it has an open ending to make your imagination run wild. I’ve tried not to mention any spoilers to the stories, but there may be minor things from ”the first part” and down.

The composition of the manga can be divided into two. The first one has five chapters, which I would call the main story of the manga. Afterward, there are two small chapters consisting of very short one-shots that have nothing to do with the characters we’ve met in the earlier part.

The first part of the manga is about the strange siblings Yuuma and Chizumi Azawa. We get to know them through five different scenarios, which cast light on their circumstances. The first three chapters can be read separately as a one-shot. Technically the fourth chapter can also be read as a one-shot, though there are mentions of characters from chapter three.
Dissolving Classroom is the name of the first chapter which is pretty much an introduction to the siblings. It is just seen from the perspective of the girl, Keiko Arisu, who is in the class that Yuuma transferred to. She later meets his sister, Chizumi, and end up getting in an accident making her hospitalized. Which she again at the end of the story gets admitted to thanks to a horrifying incident, which ruins her life.
Dissolving Beauty. This time the story’s perspective is told from a girl named Nao. She was going to meet up with her old middle school friend only to meet a horrendous version of what has become of her old friend, Maiko. To Nao’s surprise, Maiko has her boyfriend with her which surprisingly is Yuuma. Fast forward a bit and Maiko gets dumped by Yuuma for Nao. Of course not at the meeting but some days or weeks after. I can’t tell if I think this is the worst faith to get, though she seems to be extremely confident, even after Yuuma left her without a word.
Dissolving Apartment. Their parents make an appearance. There’s not that much to say about this one… it’s pretty much same thing as the first chapter, still with another new character to tell the story. This time though the parents get antagonized by the residents in the apartment complex. But they all eventually meet the same fate.
Now for Chapter four, this is something completely new, we get to know in Chizumi in Love that the strange sister actually can have feelings. But she does have a very weird way of showing and kidnapping the poor boy does not make the situation any better.
The last chapter about the siblings is Interview with the devil. The man we’ve heard of through the stories suddenly gets mentioned in the title and the lovely but unfortunate girl, Keiko Arisu, reappears in this chapter helping the reporter Hamaoka. There’s a big turn later in the chapter and this is where we end this story.

Now for the one-shots, I’m not gonna say much about them since they’re only six pages long, but one’s about a love, who returns and the other are about some children who have gone missing. That’s all I’m gonna tell you.

I Enjoyed reading this book of his. I’ve read another of his mangas with longer plots and kinda lost interest in it sometime after but I did still read it finished later though. But this one I finished in one go.


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