How to Keep a Mummy (Anime)

This anime is just as adorable as School Babysitters. The many different supernatural creatures, especially Mii-kun, are so extremely cute. And I’m such a sucker for Conny’s thumbs up… The little ”Guh”-sound he makes every time!
Now on to the details of this anime. It is also known as Miira no Kaikata and is still on air at the moment with ten episodes out. So there are just two more episodes left for us to watch. It is about the life of our protagonist Sora Kashiwagi and his three friends who you’ll meet as the story progress. One day he receives a big package from his dad, who’s an adventurer and is abroad. Sora has earlier received many different gifts from his father all of which had been very unfortunate for him in the form of a curse where they could be downright life-threatening.
So after being put through all that he, of course, expects another dangerous being. But to his surprise, it’s our tiny emotional mummy who pops up.
tumblr_inline_p2u2xrwYVO1uuyz06_540This is such a happy-go-lucky anime. Of course, it has its depressing moments. Just like Gakuen babysitters has with the fact of the tragedy of their parents. But so far that’s mostly something we get from Sora’s childhood friend Tazuki Kamiya. I’m not gonna go into depth about this. You can watch the anime if you want to know what I mean. If you ever need something to brighten up your day or if you just need something to watch. go watch this. If you’re like me and hate not being able to make a marathon of an anime then you can always wait a week that’s when the last episode is supposed to air. Well, that’s all I got for you guys for now. See ya next time!

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