School Babysitters (anime)

This anime is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s a trillion times cuter than Tsuredure Children and I just want to hug the life out of the characters. In the title, you can see the name of the anime, but it is also known under the name Gakuen Babysitters. I’ve only watched eight episodes even though episode nine already are out, but I really don’t want to wait for episode 10 and I enjoyed all the episodes so much that I didn’t even realize that it was an on-going series before it was too late and that I only had one episode available.

The story of the anime is pretty simple it’s about the two brothers, Ryuuichi and his younger brother Kotaro, who just lost their parents, they get taken in by the chairwoman of an elite school and to repay for the kindness Ryuuichi becomes a part of the school’s daycare. Many of the episodes we see the issues that may occur in the daycare and get introduced to more and more characters as the anime evolve.

This is really an anime I totally would recommend, especially if you like that light-hearted and cutesy stuff. It’s totally worth it. I promise!

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