Poputepipikku: Episode 7

At this point, I must say I’m not sure why I keep watching this sure there are some interesting scenes, but I think that after some time it’ll get boring.
Poputepipikku 1.pngThis scene I must say I found a lot more amusing than it probably should be. I guess it’s because of the fact that it wasn’t ”drawn” like most of the other scenes.

Suddenly, Mettaton arrives!!! not really but totally a reference to his fight scene in Undertale (spoiler I guess?)
Poputepipikku 2
But a skit that’s been in some of the episodes so far is the one shown below. I do not like this. One thing being they speak French and there aren’t any subtitles at those scenes. I do understand what they’re saying to some degree and what’s going on, but it’s hard when it’s only a few words and not whole sentences I understand.
Poputepipikku 3
This though is so extremely relatable, especially since I suck at video games in general.
Poputepipikku 4
And at last a thing I have to add is that the previews shown at the end of every episode. I really want to watch that anime if it existed so it’s just annoying me so much getting to see the previews but not having an actual anime! also the fact that in the first episode of Pop Team Epic this was what we saw as the intro and that really threw me off at the beginning since I had expected to see Popuko and Pipimi.
Poputepipikku 5

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