Junji Ito Collection (anime)

I must say I was thrilled to find out that there’s an anime based on Junji Ito’s amazing mangas I’ve been a huge fan of him, though I still haven’t read all his works. I need to read them in portions so I won’t be overwhelmed by paranoia or fear.

Souichi’s Convenient Curse / Hell Dolls Funeral
This is the first episode of the series. I haven’t read these stories so it’s the first time I’ve been told the stories. They weren’t as terrifying as some of Ito’s stories, but they were nevertheless interesting. They both had creepy elements and also showed them visually.

Fashion Model / Long Dreams
Oh God, I do not like the fashion model’s face… So nightmare fuelling. Those eyes staring right through you and her big frame. The second part of this episode also creeps me out especially since I got problems with sleep and dreams.

Boy at the crossroads / Slug Girl
This one was kinda interesting. Seeing the hero having to go through all that.
Ew! Slug Girl is the one I saw on Facebook a long time ago!!

Shiver / House of Puppets
I haven’t watched the first part of the episode done yet but I must say this. Just as a warning if you have trypophobia I wouldn’t recommend watching the first story. So far it’s given me both chills and is making me feel really uncomfortable all over, but thanks to my stubbornness I chose to watch the whole thing anyway. But if you want to skip this part you can go to 10:10 in the episode and it should be where House of Puppets start. At least the episode in Chrunchyroll it’s at 10:10.
For the second part, it’s of course about puppets and I have a bad feeling about this one.

The Ongoing Tale of Oshikiri Collection / Cloth Teacher
Ooooooh… That ending to part one. Damn.
Soichi is back with us in Cloth Teacher.

Window next door / Gentle Goodbye
Eeeeew I’ve read this one… I don’t like… That face and voice of nightmares. But seriously, dude, just move to another room.
The second part of the episode I’ve also read and this is one of the stories who I wouldn’t say are creepy but instead are sad.

Used Record / Town of No Roads
How gruesome. Aren’t they some kind of friends? that’s so messed up all that just for a record.
I remember reading something like the peephole scene in the beginning, but maybe I never got to read it finished since I can’t remember any of the other things that happened in the last part of the episode… a thing that concerns me though are that she was told to go upstream but the thing I see is that she is going downstream. And if I’m right then where will she end up?

There aren’t any more episodes out for now but I think I will do this with the future episodes where they just get their own post. But they’ll be under the tag Junji Ito Collection. So far I like it, but I pretty much like everything related to Junji Ito.

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