Vampire Knight (with spoilers from manga+anime)

So I’ve spent a lot of the past few days reading the manga of Vampire Knight. I really like it but I think most of all it’s because of the nostalgia I got while reading it. Since Vampire Knight was the first anime I really liked. I watched both season 1 and 2 in one go when I first started getting into anime. And I’ve always wondered about what happened after the ending of season 2 and how the series would end. I must say I’m kinda disappointed and I’ll get to that a bit later.

The Ships and Characters
When I watched the anime I was really into Zero x Yuki. Don’t get me wrong they were still my favorite in the manga and I’m happy they ended together. But damn the rollercoaster of emotions I went through with this ship in the manga. Going down first when she chose to go with Kaname, (where season 2 ended) then going up when they meet again and going down just from the tension around them. I couldn’t take it. Then came the masquerade ball where they could kinda start anew and I got hope that they could be together again. But Yuki just had to steal all Zero’s memories of her!! I was so freaking mad when that happened. Three Chapters left and he finally got them back and everything ends well on that part.

Now Kaname x Yuki I’ve really despised when I watched the anime. I’d rather throw myself out of a building than having them together so to speak. But that was then and the fact that I didn’t like Kaname when I watched the anime probably had a big role that time. Especially since I loved Zero. But reading the manga was a whole other story. It was like starting afresh with Kaname and I wasn’t so much against the ship. In the anime, I was really irked by the ship since you were told in the that they are siblings. Whereas you later in the manga find out the truth about their relation to each other that aren’t like siblings.

Now for the characters, in general, it’s just my thought but there doesn’t really seem to be any character development. But I must say that I like the fact that we got to see a bit more to Yori (Yuki’s friend).

Plot and Ending (Don’t read if you don’t want to know the ending)
The plot is fine and entertaining enough with a dash of mystery. I like the twist’s we’re told throughout the story. But I must say the very last twist and also ending where Yuki gives her life to Kaname so he can live as a human. That was uncalled for. I mean seriously, Girl you got your children to look after. And what about Zero! where is he when all this takes place and what happens to him. I know there’s also the manga Vampire Knight: memories. But I Haven’t read it so I don’t know if you’re told something about it in there.

But the way I interpret it, or more like the way I can make this make sense in my head, is that Zero and Yuki lived happily with their children for some years. Zero, somehow fell to level E and Yuki had to kill him. Thus giving her no reason to stay alive and that’s why she chose to do as she talked about earlier in the last arc about making Kaname human. Just like her mother had done to her in the beginning of the series. And leaves the children with Kaname.

Overall it’s not the best manga I’ve read, but not the worst either. I did enjoy reading it and got entertained. It was a good time-killer. Especially when listening to the anime soundtrack while reading.

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