Just my luck -.-

Hi loves. I haven’t been able to update this blog since a lot happened all at once. At first, I was busy with the jobs I had and then I got the news of Kim Jonghyun’s suicide. (a member of SHINee) I must say I was quite devastated by the information even though it’s been years since I last heard any of their songs (or more correctly any kpop songs).

But this information was just the beginning of apparently bad luck striking me and my family’s way. The day after Jonghyun’s suicide I found out I was fired from the Clothing shop I worked at without even getting any paper from them. I only found out since I was looking for a present to my grandma for Christmas and the cashier told me that she thought I was fired or had resigned. Also because she wouldn’t be able to give me my discount if I wasn’t part of the staff anymore. So she called the co-owner of the company and she would find out right away if I was fired or not. So while I looked around in the boutique she suddenly called back again and I was fired, but since they hadn’t even informed me in any way I still got the discounts on the things I bought.. But guess what I still haven’t gotten any messages or papers saying I’m fired. Tbh I don’t care about it. I just think it’s really unprofessional of them.

Now that was the smallest of the events that had happened. The day after I got fired, we found out that the lump my mom got removed from her breast was in fact cancer and she had to go through surgery again few days after Christmas.

So some days went by after that without anything happening and as I thought, things couldn’t get any worse.The day before Christmas, I find my kitten dead outside our front door.  He only made it to 6 months of age and I had only had him for 3 months but I was already extremely attached to him. and I had a lot of trouble falling asleep the days after since I was so used to having him by my side when I fell asleep. Still to this day I’m not sure of the cause of his death. But we think that he was hit by a car and didn’t make it to the cat flap.

That was all the devastating things so I’ll end this post with some positivity. My mom is fine. She sometimes doesn’t feel well because of the Chemotherapy she’s getting. But they didn’t find any more cancer from her last surgery, so now she’s just getting treatment so the chance of her getting cancer again are smaller.  I also got a new kitten named Pjuske. I actually got him a few days before the new year and everything’s going fine with him. Except for the fact that when I went to the vet with him they found a weird sound from his heart. of course, this still concerns me but they told me that it could be harmless and mean nothing. something about it just being a muscle making the sound. And since he doesn’t seem bothered by it I won’t worry so much about it. I do still listen to his heart sometimes just to check if the noise is there. You can see Pjuske in the image featured in this post.

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