Your Name (anime)

Kimi no Na wa, also known as Your Name, is an almost two-hour long movie and from what I’ve heard it seems pretty popular, though I’ve first watched it finished now. I started watching it at a lecture a year or so ago and only saw some minutes in so I  didn’t really get into it at that time, so I never got to watch it afterward until today. And man I must say that I am happy I actually fell over it on the internet again and chose to watch it. It was really good.  Continue reading “Your Name (anime)”

Junji Ito Collection (anime): Final Post

This is just as the title says the last post about the anime, Junji Ito Collection. That means this will cover the last episodes I haven’t mentioned in any of the other posts. So it’ll be about the episodes from 10 to 12. Just saying but I watched episode 12 yesterday and the rest I watched in April I think, so it isn’t exactly like the other posts where I write the exact moment after watching the episodes but anyway without further ado let’s begin. Continue reading “Junji Ito Collection (anime): Final Post”

Life Update #1

So I obviously haven’t been on my blog for quite some time now and my excuse for that is that I just didn’t have the time or energy to write any posts. I still have some anime reviews that I want to complete and make an ending to. But I’ll work on that as time goes. For the moment I’m pretty free to work on whatever I want since I quit my job so that I can drive my mom to the hospital when her last medical treatment phase begins. Since it’s located at the hospital further away than the one she’s going to now and also it’ll be every day that we’ll have to go there.

Continue reading “Life Update #1”

Dissolving Classroom (manga)

This manga is written by Junji Ito and is filled with short stories. It is also known as Youkai Kyoushitsu. The translated manga, which is the one I have, was published in 2017, but the original version is from 2015. Even though it is small different scenarios we are told it still gives us an overall plotline as it progresses and like many of Ito’s works it has an open ending to make your imagination run wild. I’ve tried not to mention any spoilers to the stories, but there may be minor things from ”the first part” and down. Continue reading “Dissolving Classroom (manga)”